Aeropress Recipe

Start with fresh filtered water just off boil.

Place filter in the filter holder, attach to the bottom of the Aeropress, and pour water through it to rinse any dust off the filter.

Set your Aeropress on your favorite coffee mug.

Grind 17g of coffee on a fine setting (one slightly heaping scoop from the scoop that comes with the Aeropress is 17g). 

Carefully pour 250g of water and start a timer.

Remove your Aeropress and mug from the scale (so you do not damage the scale).

Use your paddle to gently stir until the timer hits 0:45.

Set your plunger in the top of your Aeropress and begin pressing down firmly but slowly.

Total brew time should be around 1:30.

Enjoy a tasty single cup of coffee!

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