French Press Brew Guide


The What

The French Press brewing method is time-tested and even non-coffee-drinkers will recognize the iconic design of the classic press. French Press coffee is an immersion brewing method - meaning that all of the coffee is submerged in all of the water for the entirety of the brewing process.


The Why

The French Press's lack of paper filter - aside from being environmentally friendly - allows more of the oils (and even some very fine coffee grounds) to remain in the brew, creating a full-bodied, lower-acidity profile often preferred by those that like their coffee "strong." Additionally, the French Press is about as simple and intuitive as a manual brew can get - allowing you to tend to life while it sits and steeps.


The How

- Pre-heat the French Press with a hot water rinse before brewing. This will lead to a more stable brewing temperature.

- Remove the plunger and add ground coffee. NOTE: Since the coffee is not draining through a filter over the course of the brew time, this brew method will utilize a much coarser grind than most pour-overs that drain through paper filters.

- Add the full volume of hot water (no bloom necessary) and thoroughly stir. Replace the lid to insulate but do not push down on the plunger.

- Allow the coffee to steep for 3:30 minutes then slowly press and immediately pour.


Where to start?

Each unique coffee may brew differently and adjustments may be necessary but we suggest starting here:


Dose: 25 Grams

Brew-Water: 400 Grams

Temperature: 205F

Time: 3:30 Minutes


What to brew?

The French Press profile tends to emphasize the body and sweetness of coffees. With its silky body and rich, sweet chocolate and caramel flavors, our Waykan, Guatemala will perform great in your French Press!

Now go grind, brew, and enjoy! 

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