Hario V60 Brew Guide


The What

The Hario V60 features a cone shape with a single, large hole in the center. This design funnels the brew water through an increasingly more narrow brew bed while holding the water toward the center of the brewer. The spiral ribs along the inside of the brewer allow water to extract around the outside edges of the coffee bed, insulating the slurry with air providing room for the coffee to expand as it absorbs water.


The Why

The V60 filter, while relatively thin and allowing a particularly full-bodied brew for a filtered coffee, also lends itself to a clean, bright profile. The shape of the brewer along with the large outlet, make this device extra dynamic and customizable to your preference and style, however, also raises the skill level a bit.


The How

- Fold the flat edge of the filter over to create a triangular shape.

- Thoroughly rinse paper filter with hot, filtered water.

- Add ground coffee to filter and tare scale.

- Pour just enough water to wet the grounds (~50g) and let it degas - or "bloom" - for 30 seconds

- Every 30 seconds, pour 70 grams of water in slow, concentric circles, letting the brew get close to the top of the filter and then allowing to drain between pulses

- Shoot for a total brew-time within a range of 3:00 - 4:00. Too fast? Grind finer! Too slow? Grind coarser!


Where to start?

Each unique coffee may brew differently and adjustments may be necessary but we suggest starting here:


Dose: 25 Grams

Brew-Water: 400 Grams

Temperature: 205F

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 Minutes

What to brew?


The V60 profile tends to have a little lighter body and an emphasis on brighter characteristics of a coffee, for this reason, we love it for brewing our citrusy, floral, and tea-like washed Ethiopian!

Now go grind, brew, and enjoy! 

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