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The What

Espresso machines began to be developed at the beginning of the 20th century, using high-temperatures and pressure to deliver coffee to consumers quickly and efficiently. Espresso coffee is much stronger than filtered coffee because it is brewed with pressure, has no paper filter, and uses a particularly stout ratio (about 10X stronger than brewed coffee!).


The Why

Espresso is a great brew method for those that like their coffee intensely flavored or for those that want to blend their espresso with milk and other ingredients to create lattes, cappuccinos and other popular espresso and milk beverages.

Bonus: It's FAST.


The How

- Grind 18 grams of coffee with an espresso grinder into a clean, dry portafilter.

- Tamp the coffee (if applicable) with enough pressure to firmly pack coffee into the portafilter.

- Insert portafilter into espresso machine group-head and begin brewing immediately.

- Aim for a shot-time of 25 - 30 seconds (if too fast - grind finer / if too slow - grind coarser!)

- Remove portafliter, discard used ground coffee, rinse portafilter, and group-head with clean water.


Where to start?

Each unique coffee may brew differently and adjustments may be necessary but we suggest starting here:


Dose: 18 grams

Yield: 36 grams

Temperature: 201F

Time: 25 - 30 seconds


What to brew?

Our KLLR Espresso combines a washed Ethipian coffee and a washed Colimbian offering to create a sweet, smooth espresso with floral and citrus notes that balance out the underlying chocolate sweetness.

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