Kalita Wave

The What

The Kalita Wave's shape resembles that of a cone but has a flat-bottom. The bottom of the brewer has three small holes that drain the brewing coffee. These holes are situated within a ridge that prevents thee filter paper from suctioning flat against the bottom of the brewer. Additionally, the paper filters have an accordion shape that provides an insulating layer of air around the coffee slurry, increasing temperature stability throughout the brewing process.


The Why

The Kalita Wave is a forgiving brew method that doesn't require as precise of a pouring technique as some brewers, make it a great choice for home users. The profile is sweet and full-bodied relative to many other devices and produces a particularly balanced cup.


The How

- Thoroughly rinse paper filter with hot, filtered water.

- Add ground coffee to filter and tare scale.

- Pour just enough water to wet the grounds (~50g) and let it degas - or "bloom" - for 30 seconds

- Every 30 seconds, pour 70 grams of water in slow, concentric circles, letting the brew get close to the top of the filter and then allowing to drain between pulses

- Shoot for a total brew-time within a range of 3:00 - 4:00. Too fast? Grind finer! Too slow? Grind coarser!

Where to start?

Each unique coffee may brew differently and adjustments may be necessary but we suggest starting here:


Dose: 25 Grams

Brew-Water: 400 Grams

Temperature: 205F

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 Minutes

The Sun-Dried Ethiopia is our favorite coffee to pair with this method.
Now go grind, brew and enjoy!

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