Growing the KLLR Team: Welcome, Tim Hibbs!

There is a phrase KLLR Coffee co-founder, Michael Halbert, often uses to describe the relationship between the products and services KLLR offers, and the people behind the scenes making it happen: “Better people, better coffee.”

As an organization, KLLR is built around a philosophy that the people making up the company are the crux of everything else.

Passionate people take pride in doing a good job.

Determined people stay around longer.

Talented people attract other talented people and then work together in ways that enable the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Empowered people yield better results – and make tastier coffee.

Better people; better coffee.

Presently, KLLR is excited (understatement) at the arrival of our newest team-member – and second Texas employee – Tim Hibbs, who is joining the team as Executive Director.

Tim has an impressive resume, industry-wide respect, and a proven track record at helping companies grow and we are confident that his leadership will help us better serve our mission of moving coffee programs forward.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University, Tim returned to Texas where he started in sales, remaining in the Lone Star state for the last 12 years while growing his career. That career path began in water-filtration, where his love for coffee and the industry surrounding it began. From there he spent time in the wholesale coffee world, and most recently spent several years in the coffee-equipment world with SEB Professional / Wilbur Curtis Co. 

Throughout these roles, Tim has cultivated relationships throughout the coffee industry – and throughout the world. You might know him! And if you do, you know why we are so thrilled to have him join us.

Outside of work, Tim takes an active role in his Mansfield, TX community where he lives with his wife, Adrian, and children, Anderson and Audrey.

“My family and I are excited to join the KLLR team foremost because of its people,” explains Hibbs. “It’s an impressive collection of talent, collectively working with curiosity, grit, and a focus on our customers. KLLR’s mission statement – moving coffee programs forward – is woven all throughout the organization and I look forward to playing a small part in our team driving this forward.”

We are excited too, Tim; welcome aboard.

Oh, yea…

His favorite coffee: any smooth, Central American coffee that is well-brewed, and shared with his wife.