KLLR Creatives Debut PODCAST w/ Guest Paul Golangco

This week, we are excited to debut our new podcast, KLLR Creatives. 

If you're initial reaction to this news is something along the lines of "ANOTHER coffee podcast? Do we need this in our lives?" - trust us, we don't blame you. 

Luckily for you, we will leave the coffee podcasting to the seemingly thousands of folks who already have that covered. 

KLLR Creatives is about people. 

Over the years, we've found that we've provided coffee to some pretty dang creative people. 

We've chatted with brewers using the coffee in their beers. 

We've chatted with designers who use coffee as fuel for their work. 

We've talked to all manner of entrepreneur, barista, and home enthusiast, and we've found that we've always walked away from these conversations having learned something neat. 

KLLR Creative's is an opportunity for us to share the stories of these creative individuals with you all. 

In this first episode, we sit down with Dallas/Fort Worth based photographer/videographer Paul Golangco, owner-operator of Paul Go Images. 

Paul believes that every person has a story that has value and worth. It is that intrinsic worth that has driven Paul Golangco to be a visual storyteller as Paul Go Images since 2008. 

Paul Go Images strives to tell stories of beauty, joy, and hope regardless of if it's in the bush of east Africa, the hospital rooms of east Dallas, or in a commercial office building in between.

Enjoy our chat and learn more about Paul and his work at www.paulgoimages.com!