KLLR Creatives Podcast: Tommy Miller - From the Battlefield to the Brew-House

On this episode of KLLR Creatives, we speak with Tommy Miller, a former Air Force firefighter turned beer-brewer and is based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

During his time in the Air Force, Tommy fell in love with beer as he was exposed to brews from around the world and eventually, learning to brew himself while living in Japan. After leaving the Air Force, Tommy became an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter as a contractor for the Department of Defense spending time in Afghanistan, Iraq, and an extended stay in Kuwait - all the while, continuing to spend his off-time exploring new cultures - and new beers.

After some more globe-trotting and turning down a highly-classified position at Area 51, Tommy decided to dive into the world of beer professionally. Starting off cleaning and delivering kegs, Tommy quickly rose to the top of the Dallas brewing scene, most recently helping launch Rollertown Beerworks in Celina, TX.