KLLR Creatives Podcast - Tyler Watterson of Lone Star Republic Soccer

In this episode of KLLR Creatives, we are joined by Tyler Watterson, Technical Director and Owner of Lone Star Republic Soccer club. 

 is a founder and the CEO of Lone Star Republic, the world's greatest Richardson-based future professional soccer club.

Born in Garland in 1990 before moving to Phoenix at the age of 10, 
Tyler returned to Dallas in August of 2015 and was immediately picked up by LSR off of the NTPSA Sunday league free agent list excel spreadsheet. LSR has come a long way from being the last-place team in all of NTPSA's six open divisions, but Tyler refuses to give up the dream of playing professionally before he peaks at the age of 43 and is then forced to medically retire. 

Tyler graduated from the University of Arizona in 2017 and lives and works in Richardson with his two newly adopted Australian shepherds, Koda and Starr.

Enjoy our talk and learn more about Lone Star Republic at www.lonestarrepublic.com and @LSRsoccer!