The Right Mask For the Job

As we approach mid-May 2020, the world today scarcely resembles the world as it existed when the year began. 

With restrictions on food-service businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the impacts on small-business-owners, the baristas, and other staff that work in the shops, and those throughout the wholesale supply-chain have been significant.

When it comes to restaurants in general, the National Restaurant Association estimates that the loss in sales for the year could be as much as $240 billion (1).

While in some cities, cafes can now operate indoors again at reduced capacities, many still have yet to re-open. For some, that day may never come.

While shelter-in-place orders begin to expire in some municipalities, more people are daring to leave the house, although nearly everywhere, masks are strongly encouraged, if not mandated.

“Larvatus prodeo,” Rene Descartes famously said.

“Masked, I advance.”

And so do we all.

KLLR Coffee cares about people.

Nowhere else that I’ve ever worked has the same depth of care been evident.

And so, it comes as little surprise that as the world, and our industry, begin shifting into higher gears, there is an intentionality to the process.

Part of that intentionality means making sure staff have the right tools for this job. Or in this case – the right masks.

By now, we’ve all seen the charts illustrating the variable degrees of effectiveness of the menagerie of mask-designs available.

For KLLR Coffee, it is essential for the safety of our team and our customers that the masks we chose are effective in achieving our goal: limiting the spread of this virus.

We have chosen Hedley & Bennett masks to provide all staff and have done so for three primary reasons.  


Obviously, we want to ensure that the masks we provide do the job they were designed to do. Like their aprons and other gear, these Hedley & Bennett cloth masks are durable to ensure a long lifespan even with frequent cleaning.

Additionally, they are compatible with various filter media, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the masks.

Hedley & Bennett has partnered with Think Crucial as well, allowing shoppers to receive a discount on their order for filters through that brand.

Industry Solidarity

We admire the creative ways that passionate individuals within many industries have adapted to meet the challenges of this crisis and to serve the various communities they exist within and we get especially excited to see it within our own industry. 

Historically, Hedley & Bennett provides high-quality hospitality-industry gear like aprons and chef jackets. With the arrival of this year’s pandemic, they were quick to pivot into manufacturing facemasks, both for those within the public that need them, as well as healthcare workers having to deal with dire PPE shortages.

Per their website:

“As soon as we saw there was a shortage of protective gear in the COVID-19 crisis, we decided to jump in the fight—immediately transitioning our apron and workwear operations in Los Angeles and around the world to produce well-built masks that could help as many people as possible.

Every mask you purchase supports our efforts to donate more masks to those who need them most — the doctors, nurses, first responders, food service workers, and all others who are putting their lives on the line for us every day.

Together, we’re helping people everywhere stay safe, stay strong, and be ready to wake up and fight every day.”


For each mask purchased from Hedley & Bennett, one is donated to a medical worker on the frontlines of the crisis.

To date, over 170,000 masks have been donated through this program.

We are delighted that our purchases helped contribute to these efforts in addition to protecting our own staff.

Moving Forward

As the world continues spinning and we continue the long process of creating our “new normal”, at KLLR Coffee we will continue to evaluate and evolve and make sure that we are taking the steps needed to safely and efficiently deliver exceptional coffee and service.

For the foreseeable future, that means masks.

If you are in need of face-masks – or know someone that is – and want your purchase to help the medical professionals fighting this virus, please consider Hedley & Bennett

We’re glad we did.