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Single Origin The America’s

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Aponte Village, Colombia

The Inga Community of Aponte is comprised of descendants of the ancient, pre-hispanic Incas, and started focusing on planting and farming coffee around 2004. In the midst of armed conflict, the Inga people in the village of Aponte successfully fought to retain its sovereignty and rights over 22,283 hectares of ancestral land. the Wuasikamas Movement, which in the native language menas ‘guardians of the land, keepers of the territory’, secured an unprecedented alliance with the government of Colombia to rid the land of drug plantations. The Inga people negotiated a communal fund to support the community and strengthen its governence when liberating the territory from the guerrillas, paramilitaries, and armed drug trafficking groups who, between 1986 and 2004, violated their territorial rights, degraded local ecosystems, and hindered the area’s sustainable development. After expelling these groups, the Inga people designated most of its territory as sacred land, an area of 17,500 hectares. At the same time, the Wuasikamas Movement created the Court of Indigenous Peoples and Authorities of the Colombian Southwest to help other Indigenous peoples to claim their ancestral territories and independence.

The Caturra variety has been planted in the Inga territory, on smallholder properties in the Resguardo Inga Aponte, at an average of 2150 meters above sea level. This elevation, combined with the Galeras Volcano constantly shedding nutrient-rich ash, makes for an exceptionally complex and sweet coffee. Producers process coffee on their own properties, drying Honey-process coffees in stacked raised bed solar dryers on their farms.

We’re tasting stone fruit, baking spices, and caramel.



Region: Narino, Colombia
Producers: Aponte Village
Altitude: 2150 m
Variety: Caturra
Process: Honey

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