Single Origin Small Batch

Single Origin Small Batch

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Lima Coffee, Peru


Lima Coffee, the producer of this beautiful coffee, was founded in 2016 by Rony Lavan Guerrero and a number of other coffee producers from Jaen. Rony had previously worked in quality control with one of Peru's largest exporters and was very aware of the quality and potential some producers have. He watched as these coffees were blended into large commercial lots and made the decision to set up an association of producers with a different structure. He wanted to base the membership on cup quality. He knew of areas and producers in Cajamarca who have high quality coffee, and so approached them to buy their best offerings with the aim being to sell them as micro-lots to the US market.

Peru is one of the top producers of Arabica coffee, often ranked fifth in world production and export of Arabica, and second only to Mexico for producing certified Organic coffees. The remoteness of the coffee farms and the incredibly small size of the average farm has prevented much of the single-farm differentiation that has allowed for microlot development and marketing in other growing regions, but as with everything else in specialty coffee, this is changing quickly as well. The country’s lush highlands and good heirloom varieties offer the potential for growers to beat the obstacles of limited infrastructure and market access, and as production increases, we are more likely to see those types of advancements. Rony Lavan and his coffees are certainly ones to watch!

This coffee has variety, try it as a pour-over, drip, or espresso. We're tasting black tea, cocoa, and sweet grapefruit.

Producer: Lima Coffee
Region: Jaen, Cajamarca
Variety: Caturra, Typica, Catimor, Mundo, Novo, Pache
Altitude: 1650-1800 meters
Process: Washed

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