"1907" Dark Roast Blend

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Vienna Dark Roast

Oklahoma is where KLLR got its start, so we decided it was time to create a blend honoring this great state.  This blend is perhaps our favorite dark roast between this coffee and "El Alacrán" as it boasts complex, robust, and SWEET SWEET SWEET flavors.

In the cup, you will taste mulled apple cider, baker's chocolate, earthy notes, orange peel, brown sugar, and a pleasant mild pipe tobacco flavor at the very back end.

You also might be wondering, why did we choose name "1907" for this coffee?  Because Oklahoma became a state in the year 1907!

Blend:  washed Sumatra, washed Colombia.

Suggested drip/pour over brew ratio: 1 part coffee, 14-15 parts water

 Suggested espresso preparation: 20g of coffee and 30g of water, 25-30 seconds extraction time.

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