KLLR Colombia

KLLR Colombia

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Citrus / Spice / Balanced

Rafael Amaya’s farm is located in Oporapa, Huila, 50km away from Pitalito. This microlot from his farm is made up entirely of the Caturra variety, a mutation of Red Bourbon that is more resistant and yields more coffee than it's parent variety. What excites us about this coffee most is its fermentation process.

It's a washed coffee, like all the other Colombias that we've featured, but in this coffee during fermentation, they create an anaerobic environment by hermetically sealing the coffee and water in a container where it can begin to break down. This way they can better control and monitor pH levels, temperature, and pressure to make the coffee taste as clean and balanced as possible. The coffee is then sun-dried on concrete patios for just the right moisture content.

What we hope you taste is a bit of milk chocolate, basil, and sweet oranges.

Our roast days are Monday and Thursday.