KLLR Small Batch

KLLR Small Batch

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Our small batch rotates periodically with whatever coffees that we find in smaller quantities that we think are awesome.

Right now it is Costa Rica La Montaña.

Don Oscar is a micromill in the Tarrazu valley directly south of San Jose. This is where the coffee from the La Montaña farm is processed. 

While the elevations in this area can reach as high as 3,000 meters above sea level, this coffee is grown at a comfortable 1,900. Normally, we'd say the higher the elevation, the better the coffee can be, but the advantage to being grown high but not highest is that the high mountain peaks can offer shade to the coffee during the extreme heat of the afternoons. The high elevation, rich volcanic soil, and shade all paired with the hardworking brothers that grows and processes this coffee mean for a delicious cup. They grow Red Catuai and Caturra. This is a blend of both.

This coffee is a mechanically washed coffee which isn't uncommon in Costa Rica.In this process, the seed is dried in its parchment with a very thin layer of mucilage. This allows them to conserve water and makes for a light bodied but clean cup. We're enjoying notes of cocoa, blueberries, and white tea.

 Our roast days are Monday and Thursday.