"Vintage" Blend

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Medium Roast

Why did we choose the name "Vintage" for this blend?  Because of how we roast the blend.   The roasting approach to this coffee is more "classic", meaning the coffee is roasted a little slower and longer than what a roaster does with more "modern" light roasts (such as "Natural Africa" and "The Americas"), which require more heat up front and a shorter roast time.  "Vintage" is roasted to just past the end of 1st crack, making it a perfect medium roast, which yields sweet dark chocolate flavors with a sweet apple-like acidity and a pleasant toasted hazelnut finish.

Because of how we roast it, "Vintage" is also our most "user-friendly" offering yet. Whether you prefer it as a drip, pour over, french press, espresso, or whatever your favorite brewing method is, you will not be disappointed!  It is also far superior than any "classic brew" drip coffee you might buy at the grocery store.


Blend:  Natural process Brazil, and washed Mexico.

Suggested drip/pour over brew ratio: 1 part coffee, 15 parts water

 Suggested espresso preparation: 19g of coffee and 36g of water, 25-30 seconds extraction time.

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