Single Origin Decaf

Single Origin Decaf

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Chocolate / Nuts / Sleepy

The Qota cooperative is located in Agaro town in Southwestern Ethiopia, not far from Duromina, a favorite of ours from the past. We believe that decaf doesn’t have to be second rate. By working with a coop like Qota and using only a chemical-free Swiss Water Process for caffeine removal, we are able to roast a coffee that won’t keep you up without sacrificing the enjoyment of the flavor and complexity we love in specialty coffee.

In this coffee, you might find intense dark chocolate first but as it cools, this fades and gives way to floral and peach notes that remind us a little of our caffeinated Washed Ethiopia.

All of our orders are roast-to-order to ensure you get a fresh roast.

Our coffees are roasted on Monday and Thursday of each week.