Single Origin Decaf

Single Origin Decaf

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Ethiopia Western Co-Ops

Following in the footsteps of our previous decaf from Ethiopia, this coffee is true to origin with its upfront floral aroma, dried fruit sweetness , and light body. The work put into this decaf shows so much attention to detail and thoughtfulness, making it stand apart from other decafs.
They start with Ethiopian coffees that are delicious as non-decaf, coffees that show high fruit and citrus notes. In this case, you’re tasting a blend of wet and dry processed coffees, the later giving this coffee fruity flavors. Once chosen, it’s sent to Vancouver, BC where it undergoes a gentle process that effectively removes 99.5% caffeine, also known as the Swiss Water Process. As a result, you have a decaf that is left with much of it’s original flavor.


Our coffees are roasted on Monday and Thursday of each week.

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