Single Origin Small Batch

Single Origin Small Batch

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Medium-Light Roast

This KLLR Small Batch cycle's offering is...A WASHED SUMATRA??

That's right!  This unique microlot coffee is from the Pantan Musara mill in the the Aceh region in Sumatra.  This coffee mill produces washed and natural process coffees, unlike most of Indonesian coffees that produce wet-hulled process coffees.

While most Indonesian coffees tend to have earthy, spicy, and woody flavors, this Pantan Musara Sumatra boasts plenty of sugary, dark chocolate, clove, cooked apple, and citrus zest flavors.  When we drink this coffee, it reminds us of a mulled apple cider.  This coffee is so good, you won't be able to drink just one cup.


Country:  Indonesia
Region: Aceh, Pantan Musara mill, Sumatra
Process: Washed

Suggested brew ratio: 1 part coffee, 16 parts water.

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