Single Origin Small Batch

Single Origin Small Batch

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Finca Llano Bonito, Costa Rica

In partnership to bring us this delicious Honey Processed coffee are three landmarks of the Costa Rica coffee industry: Jhonathan Comacho, and Oscar and Olga Mendez. Jhonathan Comacho is descendant from one of the first coffee growers in the West Valley, his grandfather Rafael Camacho Vega. His primary occupation is as a doctor, but a passion for coffee has stayed in his family and he continues to grow on a small farm near the micromill Genesis, which is owned by Oscar and Olga Mendez.
The Mendez’ have been producing coffee for many years; in fact, Genesis was one of the first micromills—not just in the West Valley, but in Costa Rica. Don Oscar and Doña Olga are leaders in their community. Located near the town of Naranjo in Costa Rica's West Valley, coffee production at Genesis is now in its 3rd generation of development in the hands of Oscar Mendez. Oscar's grandfather first planted coffee almost 30 years ago, beginning the legacy and family tradition of coffee production. As soon as Oscar took over management of his family's farm he immediately built his own wet mill, marking a new era for the legacy of Genesis.

We’re tasting sweet fruit acidity, chocolate, and toffee

Region: Naranjo, West Valley
Farm: Llano Bonito
Altitude: 1450 m
Process: Honey

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