Single Origin Africa

Single Origin Africa

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Worka Co-op


The Worka Cooperative in Worka operates the Halo Fafate Washing Station in the southern part of Yirgacheffe in the Gedeb woreda, which serves around 900 smallholder farmers in the area. Most people around Worka work in agricultural sectors, and coffee is the oldest and best paying cash crop. Coffee is typically grown on small garden-size plots and is used to supplement a family's income in addition to being grown for personal use.Coffees from Worka are grown at around 1900 meters above sea level on average, and the elevation combined with their perfect geographical location makes for some of the cleanest and most consistent coffees in the greater Sidama region.

We’re tasting jasmine, lemon and chocolate.

Region: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Farmers: Various smallholders from the Worka Co-op
Altitude: 2050-2200 m
Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
Process: Washed



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