"El Alacran" Dark Roast

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Dark/Vienna Roast

We are proud to present KLLR's first dark roast!

"El Alacran" is Spanish for "The Scorpion".  Why do we call it that?  This coffee is bold, wild, and gives a nice "sting" with every sip you take.  And it is sweet, so very sweet.  We taste notes of dark chocolate, pleasant pipe tobacco smoke, mulling spices, and cooked berries, and no matter how we prepare it, it is always a very delicious cup of coffee.

What makes our dark roast different than most commercial mass produced dark coffees?  It's how the coffee is roasted and the coffees we use.  Most commercial mass produced dark roasted coffees are roasted fairly fast and VERY dark, thus giving the coffees a burnt, bitter, and sometimes a popcorny-like flavor, and essentially all the coffees' inherent flavors are roasted away.  KLLR's "El Alacran" is roasted carefully and slowly, and it is dropped at just the right time, thus allowing the sugars in the coffee to fully develop and caramelize without unpleasant burnt and bitter tastes, but still giving the coffee that "sting" that dark roast drinkers love.

Blend:  Brazil, Guatemala, Burundi, and Ethiopia
Process: natural and washed.

Suggested brew ratio: 1 part coffee, 14-15 parts water.

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