Prairie Sun

Prairie Sun

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Light roast


Imagine's the beginning of summer and you are sitting on your porch swing, reading your favorite book, and sipping on some delicious cold brewed coffee.  As you take a sip, a sweet taste of strawberry, green grape, and citrus hits your tongue just right, and you are in heaven.  KLLR's "Prairie Sun" offers exactly that.

Unlike most cold brew blends and roasts which are on the darker spectrum, KLLR's "Prairie Sun" is roasted light, and this preserves the delicious fruit flavors this blend has to offer, which in our opinion bodes best for a summer hot or cold brewed coffee.

Here's a tip:  You don't need a fancy cold brew system or bucket to make delicious cold brewed coffee.  If you have a french press, you can make great cold brew with it!  Simply let it steep for 16 hours before pressing it down, and voila!  As far as the sediment, simply run the coffee through a coffee filter, and you're good to go!

Region: Papua New Guinea
Process: Natural

Suggested brew ratio: 1 part coffee, 16 parts water.
Suggested COLD brew ratio and preparation: 1 part coffee, 8 parts cold water, 16 hours steep time in the fridge.

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