KLLR Small Batch

KLLR Small Batch

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NEW!!!  Ngoe Estate in Muranga County, Kenya


Ngoe Estate is a family-owned farm managed and operated by. Helen Gichohiin, the Koru ward of the Mathira sub-county of Muranga County 1670 meters above sea level. The red volcanic soil found on this estate is ideal for growing quality coffee. The rich terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem is home to an array of species, including snakes, deer, hare, weaverbirds, owls, and hawks, among many others. Additionally, the farm is verdant with numerous indigenous plant species like fig, cordia, croton, and neem trees. The 10-acre estate has approximately 7,000 coffee trees where Ruiru and SL-28 varietals grow. 

We're tasting lingering fruit acidity, sweet and heavy with rich caramel, and grapefruit flavors.

Country:  Kenya
Region:  Muranga County
Farm:  Ngoe Estate
Variety:  SL-28, Ruiru 11
Processing Method: Washed
Altitude:  1670 m

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