Batch Brewing Guide

The What

Similar to most pour-over brewing methods, automated batch-brewing involves metering out water over a bed of ground coffee for a specific period of time, allowing gravity to pull the water down through the brew as it filters through a (usually) paper filter to avoid grounds and sediment in the cup.


The Why

Using an automated brewer has the obvious advantage of doing most of the work for you, freeing you up from having to spend 4 minutes standing in place with your kettle. It's quick, easy, easy to clean, and consistent. Whether at home, the office, or your favorite cafe, we're all about the batch.


The How

- The first thing is first: determine the amount of coffee you need to use. We like a 16:1 ratio of water: coffee. Determine the batch size your machine is brewing and divide by 16 (example: 1 gallon = 128 oz. 128 oz / 16 = 8 oz. coffee).

- Insert filter into brew basket and add coffee.

- Replace brew basket and ensure that the pot or dispenser is in place.

- Initiate the brew cycle.

- Wait for the brew to stop dripping and discard the filter with wet grounds.


Where to start?

Each unique coffee may brew differently and adjustments may be necessary but we suggest starting here:


Dose: 55 grams of coffee per liter of water

Temperature: 205F

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 minutes


What to brew?

With its balanced profile, presenting cranberry acidity, floral notes, with a deep, caramelized sugar base, and smooth body, our Colombia is a great choice for filtered batch-brew.


Now go brew, grind, and enjoy!  

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